Thrill 1000s of people with your message in the sky

The numbers for Aerial Advertising are staggering and the investment is relatively small when compared to traditional media. How many radio stations do you have to be on in order to reach 100,000 commuters in one market in one hour? How would you reach 250,000 race fans or 100,000 football fans immediately preceding the event on a budget? How do you reach people at the beach?

ADVERTISE AT: Open-air Concerts, Outdoor Events, Business Convention, Festivals / Parades, Fairs, Car Shows, television sweeps, Air Shows.

RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC: The Los Angeles freeway system handles over 12 million cars daily and Southern CA residents travel over 300 miles each day. One flight can cover hundreds of freeway miles.

SPORT EVENTS: bike & motorsport races, marathons, thunderboat races, professional golf events, tennis tournaments, college football, mud run, obstacle run.

CELEBRATION DAYS: July 4th weekend, Labour Day & Memorial Day Weekend

DON'T MISS THE BEACH GOERS! - beaches are one of the most popular travel activities for families and an excellent advertising venue to reach and impress your future costumers, the children. For example you can run the length of the shore in the West Coast from San Diego through Malibu to reach 100 000+ vacationers..

EVENTS WITH BIG BENEFITS - NASCAR and Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals, Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, AMGEN bike tour of California, Rose & Fiesta Bowl, Orange & Los Angeles County Fair, Consumer Electronic Shows and MAGIC in Las Vegas.

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT AN AFFORDABLE MULTI DAY LAUNCH NATIONWIDE? With our experience in outdoor advertising services for more than 30 years we would like to offer you a costumized plan to launch your product nationwide.

WE PROVIDE COVERAGE IN - California, Arizona, Nevada and nationwide with the best value in mass marketing. especially in the high traffic areas of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. Please notice that Los Angeles and Orange County rank top 5 in the country when it comes to: Population, Total Buying Power and Total Retail Sales. Our business partners: Arnold Advertising, VanWagner, Airsign, Aerial Banners, Airplane Banners, Aerial Sky Banners, USairads, aerialbanners

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